for dry, damaged hair

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  • Contains 10 biodegradable towelettes
  • Re-bonds ends thelp prevent splits
  • Prevents breakage tminimize frizz
  • Replenishes hair that feels dull & brittle
  • Perfect for humidity control on the go
  • Glide over skin for a sexy glow
  • During a day full of errands
  • Between appointments
  • While traveling
  • Before an interview or presentation
  • Going from the gym tdinner
  • Dancing the night away!
  • Nbottle, nspills
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Price: $6.99
  • 2chic Ultra-Revive

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    2chic® Ultra-Revive hair care
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    2chic® Ultra-Luxurious hair & body care
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    2chic® Ultra-Repair hair & body care
  • 2chic Ultra-Volume

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    2chic® Ultra-Volume hair & body care
  • 2chic Ultra-Moist

    hair & body care

    2chic® Ultra-Moist hair & body care
  • 2chic Ultra-Sleek

    hair & body care

    2chic® Ultra-Sleek hair & body care
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    Eco Chic® Hair Care
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    Wellness System
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    Magnetic Hair Care
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