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Meet each Polar Magnet and their alter ego:

Positron: Magnetic Energizing Shampoo
Positron: Magnetic Restruxturing Conditioner
Polaris: Magnetic Power Treatment
Electrix: Magnetic Attraction Styling Gel
Gio: Magnetic Force Styling Wax

The poles of the world have joined magnetic forces, drawing together to form a new global domination. From nature it rises and its heroes are the men and women—Polar Magnets— who emerge to fight the effects of damaged hair. They have a code, these heroes and heroines, and they abide by it or hair will not survive. For years, they have seen technology advance, marching forward until finally, nature and science have collided into one simple formula:

Magnetite! Its result is total domination over the negative electrical charges that have left hair desolate and bleak.

Armed with Magnetite Fe3O4, the Polar Magnets search from strand to strand, assessing the Magnetic Density Level (MDL), to zap negatively charged hair with a positive force that attaches only where needed. This is pure energy, and it comes from the earth where magnetism rules and the rules of hair care are changing.

Welcome to the Magnetic Planet


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