Hair coloring is a chemical treatment that forces open each individual hair strand to lay in pigment (or, in the case of bleach, to remove it). It can leave hair vulnerable to harsh environmental conditions like sun and wind, as well as mineral-laden water and excessive styling that can begin to strip the hair color away.

    Daily Color Defense anti-fade formulas include a host of powerful ingredients that work to:
  • Protect against structural damage
  • Keep color strong and fresh
  • Infuse hair with strength
  • Increase overall shine and depth of color
  • Defend color and respond forcefully to fade factors

Here comes the sun… and it's OK.

Nearly 61% of people believe that summer sun will fade hair. Sun can also affect the mechanical and physical properties of hair, including loss of strength and increased porosity. This makes the hair harder to comb and much more susceptible to color-fadage. Luckily, COLORFLAGE® contains ingredients that bind to the surface of color-treated hair, essentially acting like high-activity UV absorbers. This allows the COLORFLAGE® formulas to protect both the cuticle and the cortex, thus protecting the color.

Though the formulas are not sunscreen-active, they do work to screen hair from the damage UVA and UVB rays can inflict. Acting to refract those rays, COLORFLAGE® turns them into diamonds of brilliance on the surface and beneath. Stunning.

COLORFLAGE® is one of the only shampoos to include a unique ingredient that is water-soluble yet doesn't wash away with rinsing.

Strong is sexy… and colorful

Environmental hazards, both natural and human-made, can affect hair color. Sun can fade, wind can destroy and excessive heat styling can cause hair to weaken. Enter COLORFLAGE® with ingredients to increase tensile strength and porosity, leading to better conditioning and combability.

Both COLORFLAGE® Shampoos and Conditioners contain ingredients to ease wet and dry combing, decrease fly aways, protect hair from heat damage, build up strength and improve color depth and longevity.

Hair, especially hair that has been processed with chemical color, can become fragile. Building up its immunity to breakage as well as fadage requires a liquid form of body armor, the kind that can withstand heat, environmental elements and the daily grind of styling, all of which can gang-up on hair and specifically hair color. COLORFLAGE® contains superior defense-oriented ingredients that work cumulatively: The more the shampoo and conditioner are used, the more protected hair is; and the more enhanced color becomes.

Color enhanced is color restored

COLORFLAGE® has been developed to enhance while maintaining color and increase shine. Both the shampoo and conditioning formulas defend against fade-out due to constant washings. Extraordinary antioxidant protection works to keep the hair color locked in place, longer than ever. Hair color stays stronger, longer!

Be bold, be strong, be gorgeous. Be colorful. Naturally!

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